The kids and I sleep like the dead here. Still haven't had to have any a/c on. We've been going to bed at 11 and sleeping until 10 or so! Liem not so much. Not sure if its the salt and sun or what, but its nice to sleep so soundly. Up and atom we have not been. We are going to try this week to be up earlier and ready to go by the time Liem is done working, so we can squeeze more into our days. The sun sets by 6:30 and its very dark by 7.


Today we lazily got up, had some breakfast and then some lunch. Finally about 1pm we were ready to roll out off here. We had planned to go see Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation but it was the peak of the heat so we opted for Half Moon Bay first, and thought we'd hit it on the way back home.


Half Moon Bay is where Liem and I body surfed a few years ago.  You never really know how the waves will be from day to day.  Today it was perfect.  The waves were maybe 3 feet.  We walked around to the far side of the "half moon" where the waves were really mellow.  the water was so clear.  It was so clear we could see these white transluscent fish swimming around us.  One nibbled my toe and freaked me out.  Didn't hurt, just startled me.  We spent a good 3 hours or so here just swimming and sun bathing.  A large group of locals showed up (Indian Locals, not native locals).  They set up a Cricket game right on the beach.  They were super friendly.  I sat up to see the game and HalfMoon2.jpgthey thought I was worried about getting hit with the ball so they were telling me not to worry.  I asked about the game and they invited me over, offered me a drink and started explaining how it was played.  Even asked me if I wanted to play, but I declined.  We were getting ready to head out soon.


We missed our opportunity to go to Betty's Hope for the day.  It closes at 4pm and we left around that time.  Instead, we decided to explore all of the roads on the east side of the island and quickly discovered that the only beach access is Half Moon!  All other roads either led to resorts with gates or private homes.  Now we know.  We did get to stop and explore an old sugar mill along the side of the road.  We'll head back to hit Betty's Hope and Montpelier sugar plantations later. We headed home and then took a dip in the pool to refresh.




Dinners are getting interesting.  We're working with very limited supplies.  There are a few things left here by the owner that we can use, but for the most part, its worth than a bachelor's house!  Tonight we were having Pork Loin.  I found a recipe that I had most of the ingredients for so I chose it.  It was originally Pork Loin with Apricot-Mustard sauce.  It became Pork Loin with Mango-Mustard sauce.  I substituted our mango preserves for the apricot and had to use Balsamic vinegar instead of white wine vinegar.  It turned out good!  Thank God.  Also had baked beans, pineapple, salad and left over fried potatoes.  Yum.  The kids made boxed brownies last night (I am so against boxed bake goods, but sometimes you have to roll with it) so we'll be having those for dessert later.


Now for some tv time, a Cavalier Rum Punch (the English swear by 'em) and some rest.  If its good, I'll bring some home!

OH! And a milestone was reached today! Cohen learned to swim without his life jacket!!