I didn't blog yesterday so you all didn't have to hear me whine.  Heheh.  I was feeling a little better yesterday, but still only maybe at 60%.  I'd had a very difficult sleep the night before...as in I got none!! I rested a good part of the day while Cohen was at camp.  When it was time to pick him up, we headed out to Long Bay Beach so Liem could do some snorkeling.


I had a hard time on the roads yesterday due to some gastrointestinal unhappiness and wasn't feeling very well at the beach either.  I took a few dips to cool off and then just rested in the shade until Liem was ready.  I came back to the house and crashed on the couch feeling very frustrated.


Today was a much better day.  I slept really well last night and woke up feeling better off the bat.  Still fighting some gastro stuff and a headache, but still big improvement.  Today was Cohen's last day of camp so we decided I'd rest again today just to be sure...since that trip to the beach yesterday wiped me out so much.  It paid off.


By this afternoon, I was cleaning house, taking dips in the pool, etc.  I told Liem I wanted to hit the Epicurean tonight before the 4 day Antiguan holiday shuts everything down, so about 5pm tonight we headed to town, just the two of us.  I felt great!  Yay!!  We did our shopping (looking like total pigs buying a ton of chocolate) and then decided to grab KFC for dinner since I was feeling really hungry without any of the semi-nauseau I've had the last week.  Man it was GOOD!!  And I'm still hungry!!  Yay!!


Tomorrow we're going to go out someplace, not sure where yet.  We need to do a little shopping in downtown St. Johns and are trying to decide if we'll get better pricing on a cruise ship day (tomorrow) or on a non-cruise day (next Wed, after the holidays).  And its SO darn hot in St. Johns.  UGH!


I cannot believe we are down to our last week here.  Totally sucks.  I could easily spend another month, no second thoughts.  Guess we have our answers...YES we could live here and YES, we want to buy here someday!  Heck,  if we didn't have kids, we'd probably just do it now.