Today I woke up and had cereal and scrambled egg for breakfast.  After we ate and got ready to go we went to Carlaisle Bay. After we went to Carlaisle Bay we went to the Moravian Church.  Then we went to Seaview Lawn Beach Bar.  Then we went to Morris Bay and swam. We saw a kid who was about 7 and his older brother who was quite a creeper.  The little kid was fine and was cool, cause he would dive under water and give me thumbs up and stuff.  But the older kid was kinda rude to his brother and he would just stare at us. After we left Morris Bay we went to Ffreyes beach where mom and dad renewed their vows 2 years ago.   After we left Ffreyes we went to the Epicurean to get groceries.  All we got was a cooler, some ice cream and some candy. When we got home we made dinner then I swam and then I went to bed early because I had sailing school the next day.