We slept in this morning so we got another late start. It was ok, it was much needed. After some breakfast, we headed to Neslon's Dockyard. Today was overcase, yet quite sticky and hot. We had a few rain squalls early this morning, one so sudden it woke us from our sleep about 8am! This made for a humid day, but the overcast helps keep it from being unbearable (the sun is so hot here you it literally stings your skin when it hits it!).


dockyard.jpgThe perfect day for exploring. Nelson's Dockyard is very near to us. It's the last existing example of a Georgian Dockyard and is a huge part of British History. It's stunning to see. The gardens are so beautiful amongst the 18th century brick buildings. Great place for a wedding or for photos. After exploring the dockyards and letting the kids each pick a souvenir, we drove to Pigeon Beach looking for Bumpkins.




 Pigeon Beach was a pretty beach. Lots of trees and palms along the beachline to sit under. It was a bit rocky on our end, creating some impressive crashing waves. The waves were washing up starfish! Cohen and I went out to catch some of them and cool off a bit while waiting for our late lunch to be served. The beach bar was cute. All of the food was fresh and homemade. Homemade fries, real chicken burgers (as opposed to the breaded round frozen chicken patties), fresh fruit smoothies. The kids thought Pigeon Beach was too crowded (it was almost all locals) so we decided to head to Galleon Beach.



Galleon Beach is a tan sand beach with some decent snorkeling, fairly clear water, and areas of pebbles and shells. Not as nice as the beaches on the west side of the island. The beach at Galleon is fairly long. The Galleon Resort has been closed for several years now, only opening up during Sailing Week when the harbour is full of yachts. Because of this, the beach is usually deserted, as it was today. Just a smattering of people swimming and sunning from the boats anchored in the harbour. The right side of the beach has a beach bar at the neighboring resort. This resort has also closed down just recently (and it is a VERY nice resort) so the beach was deserted and the pool and chairs were all open to public use. Cohen swam in their pool for a while (just wanting to try something new). Liem and Hayley swam out to the floating foam docks and practiced diving and doing cannonballs. The resort grounds were extremely beautiful too with lots of photo opps. There were hammocks between the flowering trees, between the palms, small gazebos covered in flowering vines with chairs and tables inside. It was very nice. We like a closed resort alot, LOL! After some swimming and cooling off, we collected some really huge shells walking back down the beach to Galleon where the car was.


seabreeze.jpgWe headed to the Sea Breeze to see if it was open so we could get some Gelato. Happily, it was open and the Gelato is all made fresh daily. I had chocolate, as did Cohen. Liem had Chocolate Chip, but Hayley made the best choice of all...Passionfruit. Dang its good! She asked the clerk if this was what passionfruit really tasted like and he poured her a sample taste of fresh made passionfruit juice. YUM. We were all sold. It's sweet and tart. We have a couple passionfruit in the fridge that we hadn't broken open yet (guess you eat the seeds in side...sounds like of like a pomegranate, but we'll see). After our dessert, we headed home.


It was nearly dark, so it will be some tv time before heading to bed.  Tomorrow we start the work week routine again.