Is it so much to ask for a map that matches the actual road system? Granted, this is a small island, and you'll eventually get to where you're going either by just running in to it or asking for directions, but is it too much to ask for a slightly accurate driving map? Its not such a big deal when you're just lazing your way somewhere, but it does get a little hard when you're trying to get somewhere.</rant>

Anyways, after an appointment at a doctor's office in St. Johns, we headed back to the Five Islands peninsula for some mid-day sun. We made Hawksbill our destination. We found ourselves at Royal Palm Beach which is just adjacent to it, but turned out to be better in many respects. For one, we were the only people there. Two, the water was clear and the beach slope was nice. Cohen and I found that this beach was particularly laden with sea glass. Mostly the usual green and brown stuff from Wadadli and Carib beer bottles, but it was still fun to collect.

The snorkling, despite lacking a reef, was not too bad, nothing to write home about, but I did happen upon a stingray about 16 inches across. I don't know as much about them as I'd like, and to avoid Irwining myself, I left it alone, but I did snap a few pictures.

After checking out the Hawksbill around the point, we headed home to finish the workday.