Today I woke up on my own at around 7:15, home time, 10:15 here. I got up and made an english muffin with mango jelly. Then I checked myspace, and got ready to leave for the beach. We went to Half Moon Bay today. It was pretty. Better water than Valley Church. Afterwords, we headed to Betty Hope, but it was closed, so we just drove around the island with no destination. Around 5 we made it home. When we arrived home, I hopped in the shower, and then called Conor for a little bit. Then we had this amazing dinner, i dont know what it was, but it was yummy. I did the dishes, and then talked to Conor a bit more. Then we all sat down, mom and dad were uploading pics, and I was watching Harry Potter movies. Now we are watching America's Funniest Home Videos. =]