Today I woke up a lot early in the morning for some reason, I think I was worried about mom getting mad at me for sleeping in, but I got up around 9:30. I went out to have breakfast, I had Carrot "cake", more like Carrot bread. Then I watched a few episodes of Charmed, and then a few episodes of Spongebob. Then the power went out, and my mom and dad went to go get Cohen from Sailor camp. While they were gone, I took the laundry down from the lines outside, and folded them, then I took the other load of laundry out of the washer and hung them to dry. After words I laid on the couch to listen to some music. My favorite song as of today is "Danger: Wildman" by The Devil Wears Prada. Then mom and dad came home, and I got into the pool. I was floating on my raft and something stung me twice! It hurt so bad =[. I had to put that baking soda and water mix on it, and it sucked the venom right out. After that I wiped it off and had an ice cream sandwich. After that I got on AIM and watched two movies, Tarzan and Cinderella. They were good. Not the Tarzan 2 I thought it was. But it was still good. After that I went to go get mango's and TP with mom. She was a bit of a scary driver. When we got home, dinner was ready, and we all had our Salmon and Rice; with the Mango of course, it was really good Mango, it was sour but sweet at the same time! After dinner, I did up the dishes, and then put them away. And I need to go start the dish washer, this just reminded me, I always forget that, even at home. And now I'm on AIM again, waiting to talk to Spencer who is at work.