After several months of looking at pictures of the house we'd rented here in Antigua, its almost surreal to be sitting here now in the picture! Liem and I have dreamed of staying for an extended period on an island for years. This is such an awesome opportunity for us to be able to do this.


Our flights were smooth, easy, and best of all, on time. We arrived here today at 2pm local time and skated through immigration and customs in about an hour. Our car rental was waiting for us. A very nice, fairly new Toyota Camry with just 10k miles. The nicest we've ever had on a Caribbean island!


We drove to the house, took about 20 mins. The house is even better than the pictures! We unpacked and then headed to Sweet T's, a "snackette" (Liem LOVES that concept) for dinner and ice cream. Antigua is pretty pricey when it comes to food, but if you hit a snackette you can get some really good deals.




The grocery store next door had a few things for us to get started for breakfast tomorrow. Last time we were here we were told you had to get in line at 5am on Tues morning to get fresh milk. Today, the cooler was filled with it! That was the one concern I had with milk DSC01454.jpgfor a month. Now I may not come back.


After dinner we took a swim in the pool. Hayley crashed out on the bed for a few hours. They are in the pool now. It's pitch black here now and 8:30pm. I'm sitting in a bathing suit and could easily hit the pool. I'd guess its 80 degrees right now, which is the anticipated low.




Tomorrow we plan to hit the Epicurean at Jolly Harbour - a British Grocery that is supposed to have better meats. Between that and Baileys, the local grocer, we should be able to fill our cupboards. We'll hit some of the 365 beaches as well, but have to work around Liem's work schedule a bit.



I'm hoping the weather stays just as it was today. It was perfect...not too hot. Until tomorrow...!  Oh, and just did a speed check of our internet...its akin to dialup!!!  D'oh!