Snorkeling in Galleon Beach, English HarborToday, while Cohen was at Fun Camp and Jenn was taking it easy, I did a midday snorkeling trip just down the road (literally) at Galleon Beach once more, the closest snorkeling I've found. Today the water was calmer and the sky nearly cloudless which makes for decent underwater visibility.


Snorkeling in Galleon Beach, English HarborThe snorkeling was not bad at all and I am finally getting the hang of underwater shooting with the Sony. The fish here are a little more timid than the ones at Long Bay. I did get to see the largest trumpet fish I have ever seen, at 2 feet long, but barely 2 inches around.


I couldn't help but scour the beach once more for more sea glass. I've found a few nice hunks of the black glass once more. This time I found a hunk that was obviously the bottom of a bottle, but the glass was extremely thick (1 centimeter) so it had to be of older make. When I got home I did some googling and found that black sea glass (which is really extremely deep olive) is one of the rarest types. Why? Because this type of glass was used to make gin and wine bottles prior to 1880 for gin or wine. The dark color is due to the use of iron slag to strengthen the glass. This also explains why the chunks one typically finds are much larger than the small fragments of "newer" glass. They are rare by their age and the fact that they often look like rocks.




Their age also explains why I am finding it near fortifications. Galleon Beach is adjacent to Shirley Heights and other fortifications on the water and the other "hot spot" was at the base of Fort James. So, if I were a serious sea glass collector, I'd be in sea glass heaven with the pound or two of black sea glass we've been picking up. The funny thing is, I've been passing up other hunks of black glass because I wasn't sure it was of any value. Well, that won't happen again!


Anyways, we finished up the day with a quick trip to the grocery and, we thought, to catch a Caribbean sunset, unfortunately the sky was pretty hazy and the clouds uninteresting, so we passed it up and got some KFC and jetted back home.