Today we revisited Half Moon bay. This time I did a bit of snorkeling around the north side. The snorkeling was only OK, but I was surprised by the large coral columns that weren't visible from shore. The coral was only moderately healthy. Today the surf was pounding the cliffs pretty hard so I spent some time trying to photograph the waves. They get the most amazing color when the sun shines through them.

There was a Carnival cruise ship in port today, but few if any of their passengers made their way to Half Moon, which is nice. I imagine that any that venture to the east side of the island end up at Long Bay because there are vendors and food to be had there.

I hope to capture a proper sunset on the island before I go, from a place like Shirley Heights or Dickenson. Tonight's sunset looks like it was a nice one, the western sky was an interesting lavender color I haven't seen here before.

I was surprised to find that the house we are renting does not link to a gas main. Our gas range ran out of gas this morning during breakfast. The property manager said we had to find the propane canister and replace it. I found it in the ample crawl space under the house. Luckily, there was a full canister at the side of the house. Its hard to imagine running a whole house on a 5 gallon tank of propane. But I guess that's how they do it here.