The routine of everyday life is setting in.  To me, this is when the experiment really begins.  There are dishes to be washed, floors to be swept, toilet paper to buy, laundry to be done, electronics to buy, etc.


We were up at just before 7am again today.  Liem aims to start his workday by 7am so he can get a half day in  before Cohen is out of Sailing School.  I follow just behind him at 7, take a shower and get myself ready...then get Cohen up at 8.  I get him fed and then drive him to "school".  When I come home, I make breakfast for myself and then start the chores.  Today it was emptying the dishwasher and sweeping up the sand and crumbs thoughout the house.  It's hot work!  Next I prepared a marinade for our steak dinner.  It was then that the "problem" occurred.  Liem could not get his laptop to take a charge.  Panick  set in.


I started calling all of the computer parts vendors in the yellow pages.  Apparently Dell has no market here in Antigua.  My last call was to Radio Shack Antigua.  The gentleman there suggested a 'universal' power supply.  So Liem wrote to the office to see what they wanted to do.  We were told to buy the universal.  By now it was 11:40 and we had to pick Cohen up by noon.  We packed a quick lunch in our new cooler and headed out to get Cohen.


Cohen was disappointed to see us...he was hoping we'd be late so he could pal around with a friend he made at school.  We picked him up and headed  to St. John's to find Radio Shack. (Side note, next door to sailing school is the Sun Seekers store...really cute bikinis...I will be checking it out in more detail soon!).


St. John's is interesting to navigate.  We have a great map with street names, but the actual streets don't have signs!  LOL!  We actually stumbled upon the Radio Shack by accident and found the downtown Epicurean right next door!  Sweet...two birds with one stone.  A few items we wanted to get at the grocery store and the power supply!  Turns out, the power supply was fine.  The gentleman tested it for us.  It seems to be a loose connector in the laptop itself.  Ugh.  Needless to say, Liem was able to get it working again with that knowledge.


IMG_3549.jpgIt was now after 1pm so we decided to find a beach and cool off before heading home.  First we tried to find Shell Beach at the end of the airport runway.  We found it and were not impressed so we didn't even stop.  We have never been out to the Five Island village peninsula so we headed there.  We went down some pretty rough roads and ended up at Deep Bay and Fort Barrington.  Deep Bay was ok.  It was pretty windy today so the sand pelted you pretty good once in a while.  And there were jelly fish in the water so that detered us as well.   The ocean had rocks in the sand so it was a little tough on the feet.  Not my favorite.  I think we went in to our waists.  We ate our packed lunch of cheese and crackers, tuna sandwiches, pbj sandwiches and mangos.  It was a short visit.  The boys decided to climb up the hill to the Fort.  I was too hot so Hayley and I opted to stay in the car.


We decided to head home after all the drama of the day and just take a dip in our pool.  Liem had to get to work and I had to get dinner going in a few hours.


Tonights dinner was spicy bbq top round steak, bananas, brocolli and baked beans.


So...let the routine begin!  I paid bills last night.  Have more laundry coming soon.  The kitchen is a neverending task with the dang sugar ants.  Still could totally live here.  Yes, its only been 1 week...but that's where I am now.  Let the experiment continue. ;)