Wow, is it stormy today.  I got up at 7am because last week the housekeeper came at 8 and I wanted to be sure someone was up.  Today Liem left the house at 4:30am to go to the airport.  He is spending the day at St. Maarten on Maho Beach taking photos of airplanes as they land.  They come very, very low over the beach.  The kids and I are home for the day by ourselves.


The initial idea was to spend the day in our pool and maybe even catch a taxi down to Galleon Beach (nearby), however the weather did not cooperate.  This is the coolest day since we've been here.  I'd guess its around 80 or 81 today, and quite humid because of all the rain squalls.  In fact, when I woke up this morning, the sheets felt damp from the humidity.  So does the furniture.  Its extremely windy today too.  We've had next to no sun breaks.  Can't even dry the laundry on the line today because of all the rain.


Cohen went into the pool twice today.  It wasn't warm enough for Hayley and I to get in.  We spent the day watching movies.  We watched 8 Below, Unbreakable, National Treasure and some other misc stuff. 


Liem was supposed to be home by 8pm so we could go out to dinner.  He still hadn't shown up by 9:30 and I was starting to get worried.  He finally emailed me and then IM'd me (borrowing the computer at the St. Maarten airport).  Apparently his flight never showed up and the earliest they could get him back here was a flight that left at 10:30 and landed here around 11.  It was almost 1am before he got home!  We were starving, tired and cranky!


I had found a pizza place down at the harbour that claimed to be open until 4am so we headed out to find it.  We couldn't find it after several passes on the street so we headed back home.  Worst dinner ever.  We were so tired we all had english muffins and went to bed.


It was a boring day with a less than desireable ending, but I'd still choose to do it here in paradise!  Tomorrow, we're sleeping in!