Overslept again today.  Woke up at 9.  Everyone wanted french toast so I made breakfast.  Midway through the first batch, the stove stopped working.  Gas just went out.  We called the agent and she mentioned that we must have "run out of gas".  The gas stove is run off of a BBQ gas cylinder!!  Hmm, maybe that big pot of simmering spaghetti all day wasn't such a good idea...had I known!  Lucky for us, someone had left a full canister along side the house and Liem found the hook up, so french toast was back on.


After a late breakfast, we headed to Half Moon.  I was a little skeptical that the waves and wind would be a bit much today, but it was fine.  We spent like 3 hours swimming and sunning.  The sand there is so fine and nice.  The water is so clear.  Very nice beach.  There is some snorkeling too.  I did a little, but it was a little shallow for me.  I get nervous when its too shallow around the coral and large rocks.  I do plan to try again tomorrow in Barbuda though.  The water is supposed to be crazy clear.


It was a pretty short day overall today as we got a late start.  After a few hours at the beach we came home.  You guessed it, took our rinse swim and then I made burgers for dinner.  We spent this evening prepping for tomorrow's adventure.  Washed some laundry (our beach towels were overdue), packed the bags, dug out the passports, made sure we had some money with us, froze 2 bottles of water each, etc. 


My tan is coming along nicely.  Wore 30 spf today, think I'll do the same tomorrow since there are little to no shade trees on Barbuda.  We're two weeks into our trip and I am not ready to think of leaving in 2 more weeks.  This next week I fully intend on getting Liem out of this house at night for a dinner alone or a night club or SOMETHING.


Well, I guess I should call it a night.  5am comes EARLY!  Ugh.  Hope Barbuda is worth it. ;)