They day started out ok, working on the deck enjoying the easterly trade winds but then my notebook suddenly turned off. Ok....? Then I powered it back on and it went to battery. Eventually it ran out of battery and shutdown. So I tried the power adapter in various outlets around the house. No mojo. Well what the heck? Where in Antigua am I going to get a dell power adapter, if it is, indeed, the power adapter?


Deep Bay BeachAfter calling around the island we found that the only Radio Shack on the Island had a universal power adapter. Phew! So we picked up Cohen from sailing school and drive in to town to get the adapter. I brought the notebook and power adapter with me to verify the universal adapter indeed works, but lo' and behold, the power adapter suddenly works? What the heck? So we skipped on buying the $185 universal adapter and went with the current one to see if it holds. So far so good.


IMG_3692.jpgOur beach excursion was quite a circuitous one. We originally headed to find Shell Beach at the end of the V.C. Bird International Airport's runway, but it didn't look too appealing, so we made our way to the Five Islands peninsula and settled at Deep Bay beach. Its a marvelous strand of sand with less than a dozen people on it, despite the high-rise resort located on it. The hotel was closed for the season so the beach was virtually deserted. Overlooking the beach are the ruins of Fort Barrington.


Cohen and I explored the ruins while Jenn and Hayley found solace in the a/c of the car. The ruins were in very good condition, with various nooks to explore. In one chamber we saw a hermit crab toddling along in a shell the size of a softball. After exploring we headed back to the car.