You have no idea how ticked off I am to have to write that once again, I was down today.  ARGH!  I cannot kick this stomach thing.  Weird thing is, NO ONE else has it.  It's just me.


I was super sleepy today too, for some reason.  I lazed around until about 1:30pm.  Finally I forced myself up and told Liem to take me to the beach.  I knew he was chomping at the bit to get out and snorkel.  We headed to Galleon (nice and close) and spent an hour or so down there.  I never kicked the sick stomach - which feels more miserable when you are on a beach in the heat.


We decided it might be time to bring a doctor into it, on the off chance its something that is known well locally, but might be a complete mystery to my doc at home.  We came home and I called the private hospital recommended by my insurance company.  This is funny.  There are no doctors there.  Just a receptionist and a few nurses.  It's a holiday weekend, they are the only hospital open, and open is a relative term if you ask me!  They said they could call a doctor in for me if I came, but Liem and I decided that if they can't do any lab tests or anything...we are going to go in and see a doctor who will probably tell me to take some antacids and rest.  So we decided to least for now.


My doctor did send me with a prescription of antibiotic and said if we got any stomach issues, to take 2 a day for a week.  I imagined that to be for a severe stomach something rather than this annoyance I have, but figured, what have I got to lose at this point.  So I took one today.  If I don't see any improvement in a few days of this, I'll stop them and go into the hospital to see the doctor when things are open again Wednesday.  God, please do not let this continue through Wednesday!!!


So not fair.  I'm in paradise and can barely enjoy it.  It's very frustrating.