Today we made sure we were up and atom (yes, I know its "at 'em", but I like atom, hehe)...ready to go when Liem finished the first half of his workday.  We had lunch and then wandered out to explore more of the Island.  Today we wanted to hit 2 beaches.  We ended up hitting 3 and exploring a beautiful Moravian church.


We started our day at the Yacht Club down in English Harbour, right near the house here.  We had read that they had some sailing camps going on.  Turns out it started today, but they let Cohen join a day late.  It's a 2 week course that will certify him in sailing small boats.  He's really excited to go tomorrow.  It will be from 9am to noon each day, which is perfect.  We bought a cooler today so we can pack lunches, pick Cohen up and head to the beach.  It was a great price too.  $111 US for a 2 week camp!  The instructor is a 2x Olympian too.  Pretty damn cool.


We decided to head to Carlaisle Bay first.  This is where the Carlaisle Bay Beach Resort resides (on half of the beach).  It's touted as one of the nicest resorts on the island.  The bay was ok.  I mean, really, there are no bad beaches here, but it didn't compare to Valley Church or Half Moon.  It was just ok.  The sand was tan, nice and fine.  The water was fairly clear, but not crystal.  We stayed a while and then decided to move along. 



Along the way Liem took a turnoff that went up the hill just past Carlaisle Bay to see if he could get a vantage point.  It turned out to be an old Church that is being restored.  It was gorgeous.  There was a brick building in ruin nearby with flowers growing out of cracks and crevices.  We took some photos here.  There was also a fabulous tree - fern like leaves with brilliant orange tropical (almost iris looking) flowers.  The grounds keeper came over to chat with us a bit.  He said they were going to restore the old building back into a school, it was the next project.  He let us into the church to look around and took us around to see a panoramic of Carlaisle and the surrounding community and hillsides.  Breathtaking.  He said that they have BBQs and cake after church on Sundays and then invited us to come.  I think we will!!



Before heading to the next beach, we decided to go for lunch.  I had read about a place in Johnson's Point called SeaView Lawn Beach Bar.  It was listed as being super reasonable on prices (which is hard to find here on food!).  We ended up finding it really easily despite the notes that it was hard to find.  The food was delic.  The prices were like Sweet T's.  Really reasonable.  These places would be comparable to fast food in the states.  Liem has stewed chicken and rice.  The rest of us went with the chicken burgers.  An interesting note about onions here...they are all pickled!  And there are no pickles.  They use fresh cucumber.


After lunch we moved up to Morris Bay.  Morris Bay was really nice.  It had a fairly steep incline down to the water, oyster colored sand which was also fine.  Water was as clear as Half Moon had been. Had some decent snorkeling too.  The water dropped off deep fairly quickly and there were some swells, but they were mild.  We would have probably stayed the rest of our time morrisbay.jpgthere, but we ended up knicknaming this beach "Creeper Beach".  There were two local boys there.  One was probably 7 yrs old and the other was a teen, maybe 14.  Liem and Hayley were out a ways snorkeling.  These two came passing by but ended up stopping and hanging out near us.  At first I thought nothing of it, but the older one wouldn't smile and was just staring.  It was really uncomfortable.  Finally Liem and Hayley came back in.  Both boys would go under water and stare at us.  Totally creeping me out!  So I signalled to Liem in a way only two people married for so long can, and we decided to "head out".  We got out of the water and gathered our stuff by the car.  The older boy followed us out of the water and proceeded to stand on the beach staring at us while we spent several minutes drying off and getting things settled.  I have no idea what his deal was.


Needless to say, we needed a new beach.  We headed to Ffreyes Beach...this is where Liem ffreyes.jpgand I had our anniversary vow renewal 2 years ago.  This beach is long, very white soft sand with a mix of shells in it.  There were tons of shells and pieces of coral in the water.  The water was the color of a swimming pool and easily as clear as one.  Beautiful.  We spent the rest of our time here.  Hayley and I swam while Liem and Cohen dug holes and built sand sculptures.


About 4pm, we headed up the road back to the Epicurean to grab a few items we'd run out of and a styrofoam cooler.  Then it was off to home so Liem could finish up his workday.


Tonight was a simple dinner.  Just hot dogs, beans, potato chips and mango for dinner tonight.  OH and cucumber lime water.  Hayley and I are expirimenting with flavored waters.  It was yummy!  For tomorrow, mango water.


Three of us are a little pink tonight (not Cohen, he's practically sun-proof) despite our SPF 50.  Tomorrow is going to be cloudy.  I'm hoping its a thick overcast so we will be a little more protected.  It's kind of hard to avoid the sun here!