IMG_4886.jpgFour beaches in a day. Technically 3. Well, really, just 1. We headed to check out another small part of the island we haven't yet explored this trip which was out near Pearns beach and the posh eco-resort of Hermitage. We stopped and checked out their beach, which was nice, but not what we were looking for.






IMG_4904.jpgOut in the same area is a deserted beach Jenn and I visited 2 years ago, so we tried that one, but it was also not what we were looking for. The water wasn't as clear. (yes, we're getting that picky). So we packed up and headed to a sure shot, Ffryes Beach. But we figured since we're out here, lets try Jolly Harbor. We mentally prepared ourselves for a resort beach and found the "public access" "road". We followed the road until the end where it arrived at the very southern end of their beach. It was as I had expected. A vast resort beach with a lot of people. So we passed and went for Ffryes. FFryes, as always, was nice, quiet and nearly empty.



IMG_4953.jpgJenn and Hayley swam and tanned while Cohen and I explored the cliffs at the southern end. It was a nice area to explore and photograph. I meandered about and picked up bits of sea glass and Cohen played in the sand. After a while we packed up and headed back. Along the way, in the town of Urlings, Jenn spotted a pizza place, so we stopped in and had an early dinner. Jenn has a good idea. This little place was so small and virtually unmarked that we'd never even noticed it before. Very good homemade pizza. Cohen said it was the best pizza he's ever had. I'd be willing to bet this unassuming little shop had some of the best on the island.