Today we woke up and I ate cocoa-roos for breakfast.  We got ready to go to the beach and we went to Half Moon Bay.  It was a cool beach because it had decent sized waves and a really nice beach. Me and dad walked down to the limestone rock area and looked around that and saw sea urchins, sea snails, crabs, and fossils of shells. When we got back to the beach I made a sand castle and a really deep hole. 


When we had to go we took all these different roads to see where they went.  We took one to Harmony Hall.  The rest were houses or resorts.  No beaches.  On the way back home we stopped at a small sugar mill.  Me and dad went inside of it and saw goat bones.  We went back to the car and then drove home.


When we got home I took a shower and then I went into the pool.  Then it started to get dark out, we made dinner, ate and then started to watch tv.  Me and dad went outside and looked at the stars.  Me and dad saw the Milky Way really easily.  We went inside and blogged and then went to sleep.  Hope you catch our next blogging!