Cohen is in "Fun Camp" at the Antigua Yacht Club until 2:30pm and Jenn is still well under the weather so our activities have been pretty low key. After working a straight block of hours I picked up Cohen from camp and we went to Galleon Beach, which is nice and close, for some snorkeling. Ever since I found that my new camera works in my old underwater housing, I have been wanting to take more photos.



Cohen Snorkeling The snorkeling around the east side of Galleon Beach near the breakers is not too bad. The water is warm but not as clear as other beaches in area, mainly due to the breakers, but it is still fun.


After Cohen and I finished a good bit of snorkeling, we scoured the entire length of the beach for interesting shells and sea glass. I know that 95% of the glass we find is Wadadli (green) or Carib (brown) bottles of newer vintage, there are some bits of heavy, thick stuff we're finding as well, including some brilliant bits of cobalt or orange glass. I am curious about the really thick, dark stuff. Some of it has some interesting hazing. Its larger than bottle size, based on the curvature, so I presume its bowls or floats. Anemone, Galleon Beach


After scouring the beach end-to-end and ending up with at least a pound of shells and sea glass we headed for a quick drive up to Shirley Heights. The view is tremendous but best for the early morning to cut the haze. After the quick check out of the area, we drove home to make dinner.