We finally went to bed about 12:30am local time. The beds are pretty firm, but not bad. Surprisingly we didn't need the A/C last night. The fans were just right with all the slatted windows opened. I slept really hard but woke up this morning SO greatful to be here!! I was having a dream this morning that we had to fly back to Washington to work with one of my clients. We did what needed to be done and flew all the way back. And then it happened again!! And when we finished up client #2, Liem started saying that he had another client that was willing to pay him big money to come work for a day. I got mad and was telling him that there was NO WAY we were staying any longer. We had a beautiful house in the Carib and we weren't using it plus we were out (in my dream) $12k in airfare now (no, it wasn't $4k to send the family here, LOL). I was PISSED and, as one of my friends says, FUH-Reaking out. I then woke up to the fan overhead and the breeze outside and had a huge sense of relief.


Our cat has really warmed up to us. He likes to summon Liem and have Liem follow him. Its always to the fridge where he knows the wet food is kept. Liem has been working all morning while the rest of us slept. Hoping to get him to take a break soon so we can hit the grocery store.


Things are only open 9-5 in Antigua and closed Sundays. Kind of like being in the 1950's. Sunday is BBQ day though, so along the streets there will be lots of vendors selling BBQ chicken for cheap. Looking forward to that. It's easily in the mid-80's already. I'm going to have a dip and then get ready for the day. Until later...!