Today I woke up and got ready to go to fun camp. I got dressed, sunscreen, did my meds and ate. When I got to the Yachte Club, I walked up to the building and met everyone in the camp. I made good friends with everyone. Then we played a game, that was called capture the bottle. The rules are you sit with an instructer, they will sail the boat while you try to capture bottles in the water. Then you check the cap to see if its your team color. If it is you keep it, if not you through it over board. Then we finished all of the rounds and got to go eat lunch, Then we went to have free time. We could use any boat we wanted. Then we did conoe races. My team won. Then it started to rain really hard. We all ran to cover as fast as we could. Then all the parents showed up. When I was swimming to get onto the water trampoline, i got stung by a jelly jelly fish sting really hurt. Then one of the concilors got some vinigar to put on the sting. then we all went home. When we got home, I watched tv. Then we had dinner. We had hot dogs. Then we watched more tv and went to bed.