Not a lot to report today, other than a wonderful, relaxing day.  I am feeling SO much better, but am still lacking my usual gusto recovering from that dumb flu.


Today I slept in until about 10am, and it was wonderful.  I woke up feeling good, which was even more wonderful.  I meandered about wearing nothing but a bikini all day.  I love that.  I spent a good chunk of time in the pool today floating on an air mattress.  I did end up getting a little on the pink side.  Should have paid attention to the antibiotic bottle that says "avoid prolonged or excessive exposure to sunlight".  Oops.  And I failed to sunscreen today too.  Dumb.   Tomorrow I'll slather on the 50 and be more careful.


Food is getting scarce here, but we are trying to eat through what we have.  I cooked the last of the chicken for dinner.  I think tomorrow will be leftovers and Wednesday, which is laundry/packing day, we'll go out.


Still loving it here.  I am at that point now where, given the option, I'd stay here longer for sure.  But...I am not opposed to going home either.  Mostly for creature comforts like my espresso maker, my bed, and of course the variety of food at home.  Nothing that couldn't be had here should be buy a place later.  I am, however, officially getting tired of beaches.  I love them, but you can only visit them so many times.  Liem is still totally into it though because he's still collecting sea glass and taking underwater pics.  He actually went to Galleon on his own for a bit today.


Tomorrow is the big Carnival parade.  While I'm looking forward to seeing the parade, I have to admit I'm dreading the heat, first and foremost (there isn't much breeze downtown unless you are on the water), the crowds, and the kids complaining...about the heat and the crowds.  Hopefully it will work out more smoothly than I'm imagining it.  St. Johns is just so darn hot with all that pavement!  I did learn, however, that a mud slide will take the edge of the heat nicely.  Think it just makes you not care, ROFL!  But...I can't have one on these antibiotics.  Damnit!  Wish me luck!