Today I woke up, and had a bagel again for breakfast. After that, I got in my bikini, sun screened up, did my hair, and then got on the computer. I was only on for a tiny bit because we went to Carnival. Carnival was a lot of waiting. We got there at 11, and waited in the heat for two and a half hours for it to start, it was really late. Cohen and I at that time were about done because it was SO hot out. The costumes were really neat, it reminded me of Mardigras meets Las Vegas meets Halloween. I wish I could dance like the girls there could, it's something only they can do. We watched the floats for about two hours, and they played some song my mom loves so many times, I was sick of it. On the way home we checked around for food to be open, but nothing was, so we headed home to have Spaghetti. It was really good. Oh yeah, and I tried some sugar cane today, it was okay, really weird texture, as everything here.