Ok, so I'm still on this snorkeling kick. I am trying to get as much in as I can before we leave and trying to hone my photography skills down there. I returned to Galleon Beach once more, Jenn and the kids stayed home as they are "beached out". Bah!



There were quite a few people out and about on Galleon beach today, as its technically a national holiday (Carnival), even a few people snorkeling. This time I swam out around the breakers into the actual Atlantic and man, have I been missing out. The water is 10 times clearer and the fish are ten times bigger and there are ten times as many! I swam through huge schools of hundreds of blue fish. There were large parrot fish and other fish among the rocks. I even got to swim around a few cuttlefish, though they were camera shy. Its seems the farther from shore you go, the larger the fish get. I hope I get one more shot to snorkel out there, I want to try underwater photography without a flash. DSC02931.JPG


After snorkeling I returned to the house and finished up with work and helped with dinner then watched some TV before bed. I am already starting to miss this place.