I have mixed feelings about going home.  Of course there are the obvious things like the foods you missed, your own bed, stuff like that.  I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends again...having other people to hang out with besides just my kids.  But...leaving this tropical paradise is hard.  I could easily stay longer given the opportunity.  I hope we will be able to repeat this trip again in the future.


Today was a day around the house.  I spent it puttering around, packing incidentals and washing the laundry so we can take home clean clothes.  We watched tv, I did some final pool floating to get the last rays in and finalize my tan (I caught up with Cohen, which is unheard of!!).  The nice thing is, it wasn't a stressful day of packing, just a slow progression of getting it done.


We ended our night at Bumpkins for dinner.  We drove up as they were closing the shutters on the bar. I went in and asked if they were closing and the gentleman said "Yes, sorry".  I said, "SHOOT!  We just missed you, didn't we?"  He said yes.  I told him we had been saving our final dinner here for Bumpkins, so he told me to "Go talk to Carol".  I went and asked Carol if they were closing up.  She said yes.  So I asked her if she could suggest another place to eat that had the same quality of food as Bumpkins.  She asked how many people we had, I told her and she caved.  She said they'd cook for us!  Yay!  I thanked her and explained that we had been saving her restaurant for our final meal in Antigua.


The mosquitos and sand flies were out, so Carol brought us bug spray to use.  So nice.  Michael cooked up chicken burgers and home made fries for us. YUM.  We had a fabulous dinner at the little beach cafe.  We made a couple of last stops to pick up some rum punch and mango jam at the store and then headed home.


We'd like to go to Sweet T's for ice cream, but it means breaking another $20 and ending up with a bunch of EC money again.  We're on the fence.  It's such a cool place at night.  All lit up.


Tomorrow morning comes early.  I think we need to be up around 4am because our flight leaves at 7:15 and it's international.  I'm hoping the music store in the airport will be open that early, as there is some music I'd really like to get. 


Tomorrow we head to Puerto Rico where we get to go through customs.  Hopefully it goes better than it did last time!!  Two years ago, we waited 1.5 hours for our luggage to be unloaded and then had to RACE through customs, immigration, and security.  We barely made our flight.  I'm hoping tomorrow goes smoother.  From Puerto Rico, its a 6.5 hour flight to LAX, but, I did manage to get us into a row with power outlets, so we can watch movies.  Our last leg is of course the flight from LAX to SEA.  We land at 8:30pm tomorrow night.


Even after all my travel, I still boggle that I can be 4000 miles away and end up home the same day.  Amazing.  And wonderful.


Hope you all enjoyed my silly blog.  I hope to do this again sometime!!