sp.jpgToday things were a little more back to normal, though I kind of scrambled Liem's day up a bit.  Feeling at about 90% today, I was itching to get out of the house!!  I asked Liem to take me to St. John's this morning for some shopping while it was early and not so hot out.  We left the house about 8:30am this morning.  My goal was to pick up a few gifts, some fruit, and to check out the infamous Super Power Electronic and Beauty Supply.  You see, I listen to Red Hot Radio at home streaming.  I hear the ad all the time and it cracks me up!  You can purchase your electronics (tv, fridge, stove, dvd player) as well as your beauty supplies (wigs, shampoos, dyes, etc).  The commercial is funny so I've always been curious. We also checked out Food Fantasies plus, where the "bar is unsinkable". It's a grocer with a deli and liquor store as well. Cracks me up. Hear the commercials enough though, and you get curious!


We spent a few hours downtown selecting specific items on our list and trying to find a cd I really want to get.  We ended our shopping at Super Power.  When the clerks asked if we needed any help, Liem told them I was just checking it out cause I hear the commercial on streaming Red Hot in Washington state.  Boy did they like that!  They thought it was super funny.  I thought I'd go ahead and ask them if they had the Super D CD I was looking for and told them he sings "She Whine".  This left them totally cracking up.  They could NOT believe that a white girl knew their music and wanted it.  They said the owner of the store is also the owner of Red Hot Radio (go freakin' figure!) and that they would ask him if he could make me a recording of the song I like!  Unfortunatley, he wasn't in today so we'll see if we can get a chance to go back.  Too funny though.  The ladies told me I can be a "step-antiguan".


dw.jpgAfter shopping we came home.  I made lunch and Liem went to work.  After a few hours of chillin' out here, we decided to hit a beach.  We headed over to the side of the island where our fave beaches are and settled on Darkwood this time.  One we often pass up because its busy.  But it was late afternoon and the crowds were dwindling.  This is another beach along the way to Ffreyes and Valley Church. The sand was made up of crushed shells that were still pretty chunky. Not the soft sand we usually like. The shore dropped off fast on the end we were on. The upside was that the water was as clear as Coco Point Bay Beach in Barbuda, easily!! Not quite as serene in the color, but still beautiful. I suspect the end closer to the bar might be more sandy and I know it doesn't drop off as fast. But...that's where all the poeple are. We cooled off in the water for a bit while Liem snorkeled.  I found a couple of neat keepers on the beach.  One is a chunk of coral that gradiates perfectly from yellow to orange and the other is a very unusual rock that at first glance, looks like it has a map or ancient writings on it.  It's really cool.


rocks.jpgOnce everyone was waterlogged we came home, had a quick dip in the pool and then settled in for the night.  I made dinner, paid bills, and then settled in for a little television.


Tomorrow??  Not sure yet, but the Carnival Parade is at 3pm, so I'm sure we'll hit that!