St. Johns Cathedral - InteriorWhile Jenn was getting her nails done in St. Johns, Hayley, Cohen and I went and explored the St. Johns Cathedral. The structure dominates the town's skyline (when a cruise ship isn't in town). The outside facade was built in 1845, as earthquakes destroyed the 1684 and 1745 incarnations. Its quite beautiful inside. Not particularly ornate, however. The surrounds are a cemetery that dates into the 1800s as well. The gravestones and crypts are now used by some as benches an impromptu nap spot.



DSC01644.JPGAfter we picked up Jenn we went to Valley Church beach to soak up some sun. Despite being a cruise ship day, there were only a few other people there. This beach has an astonishing amount of shells on it. Cohen and I built a few sand creations, including what I call a "shelligaator". I covered a sand alligator completely in shell "scales".



I'm finally getting the navigation of St. Johns down. Its not a particularly large town, but it can be confusing. Granted I've been navigating through it, not to a destination IN it. I think that would be another exercise in frustration, but I will cross that bridge when I get there. I figure just when I have it totally nailed, it will be just in time to leave.