Yup, you heard me right. I love vicodin. This has to be one of the most uncomfortable flu's I've ever had. I've ruled out heat stroke as I'm still sick, and in fact, worse.


Anyone who really knows me, know's that I try to avoid medications. If there is a natural or herbal option, that's the one I'm taking. That explains the 8 herbal capsules I take every morning for my cholestrol and the herbal capsules Hayley takes for her colitis. Don't get me wrong...I will take prescription and OTC medications when needed. Sometimes a few advil are the only solution for a headache or fever.


This horrible flu has left my stomach feeling "wobbly", I can't seem to eat much of anything. I get chills that hurt my skin and leave me chattering despite the 89 degree weather. My eyes feel like they are going to blow if I move them. I discovered I had a fever and took a couple of advil. They helped with the fever, but the tender skin and super achey muscles remained. When Liem got home from his adventures, I had hit my limit for discomfort. I'm the first to admit I do not have a high tolerance for pain. After 12 hours of totally feeling achey and uncomfortable, I was losing it. Liem recommended I try 1/2 of a vicodin (he has a prescription from his previous slipped disc issues, pre-surgery). I was desperate and said "fine". Now I can say I love vicodin. It has completely taken care of all of the aches and skin pain. A vicodin and two advil and I'm set. No pain, no fever. AHHHHH. I don't feel loopy, which is great. I hate that feeling. I think I'll even get some sleep tonight thanks to my new best friend.


Oh, and for the record...Liem is a kick ass nurse. He's been really taking care of me. Making sure I have food, water, meds and cool rags for my head. I love Liem too. ;)