Today I slept in the most I have slept in since I've been in Antigua, 9:30am, but it felt good because it still takes so long to get to sleep. After breakfast we headed out to see Jabberwock beach. Jabberwock is another beach on the list we wanted to check off.


Jabberwock BeachJabberwock is a beautiful beach, but it is pretty widely strewn with seagrass. It is also one of the most popular locations on the island for windsurfing and kite boarding due to the constant winds. We found that the west end of the beach is more sheltered by a reef so we stopped for about an hour (mainly because I have a hankering to snorkel a lot lately, thanks family!). Jabberwock BeachThe snorkeling here was not exceptional, though the reef was large. However, the way the coral formed here was in long slender "planks" that lay criss-cross one another so there were a lot of gaps for the fish to hide. Still, its always a fun time. I found a few nice shells as well, this time, hermit-free.


Hayley at Royal Palm BeachCohen at Royal Palm BeachWe then headed down to one of our new favorite beaches: Royal Palm Beach. I took some portraits of Hayley on a bleached log and then snorkeled a bit more. This time the snorkeling was exceptional. For the first time I was able to capture a common, but skittish fish, the Sergeant Major. I also snorkeled with Cohen, who I must say, has shell-dar. The kid can spot a nice shell 10 feet away.


Back at the house we had some dinner and then desert at Sweet-T's.