Today was a lazy day. I slept until 11am (hey! It's only 8am at home!) and it felt good. The boys were up at the crack of dawn. Fools. Finally got going around 2pm this afternoon. I was just sitting around enjoying the view, watching Cohen swim while Liem worked.


We ventured off to Jolly Harbor to shop at the British Grocer, The Epicurean. They said it was spendy, but it was pretty much on par with the local grocer...maybe a little more but easier to shop. It was well lit and set up like a grocer at home. The local stores are dark and lots of things aren't labeled so you aren't sure what they are. The Epicurean was like shopping at QFC at home. We loaded up on food for a few weeks. Even found some steaks and hamburger...and full gallons of milk.


We had only had a small breakfast today so we were going to stop and eat on the way to the grocer, but the restaurants are ridiculous. We checked a couple beach bars but the prices were $10US and up for chicken burgers and fries made of frozen breaded chicken patties. We can get them at Sweet T's for $3! So we waited and ate there again. It was yummy! There was a little boy there named (no idea how to spell this so it will be phonetic) Nahkeet. He was visiting with us through our whole dinner.


After dinner, we came home and here we are just chillin! Cohen and I used skin so soft last night because of the mosquitos. Hayley and Liem chose not to. You should see them...especially Hayley! Hayley has easily 150 bites on her legs. Poor kid.


Our cat, called Cat cause we don't know the name has warmed up to us.  He or she follows us all over the place and has even jumped up on some laps for a good rub down.




I cannot believe how loud the frogs and bugs are. It's really, really loud. Liem is going to try to record it...maybe we can post it here in the Gallery...once he gets that up. I think that's it for tonight! We may wander back to Sweet T's for some ice cream later. Otherwise, the lazy day ends pretty darn lazy too.