Today was an off-day. Jenn is down for the count with a wicked flu, so stuck close to home for most of the morning. Cohen and I figured it might be a good day to hit some of the sites that only us boys would like: the airport and Fort James.



IMG_5339.jpg The airport, V.C. Bird International (IATA: ANU, ICAO: TAPA) airport is not really set up for spotting. Their departure lounge would be ideal, unfortunately its past security and they forbid photography on the premises. I did manage to find an elevated spot on the side of the road that runs adjacent to the runway that was a few hundred feet inside the piano keys. We were hoping to catch the arrival of one of two British Airways 777 flights for the day. There was also a 737 scheduled soon after. The challenging part of this location was the approach was obscured so we had little to no warning when the aircraft was on approach. However, I managed to get decent shots of the BA heavy, a departing Delta 737 and that second arriving American Airlines 737 (just barely). After seeing what we wanted to see, we headed to Fort James.


Fort JamesFort James is an open-air site with nothing in the way of signs or other information. However, they have an amazing array of cannons and you are free to walk through just about all of the buildings, though some were missing their floors or roofs. The buildings on the site were of various vintage and state of decay. It is obvious that some were used within the last 50 years. There were a few places that we were not comfortable going in to due to darkness and cobwebs, but it was a fun time exploring just about every nook and cranny with Cohen.


Cohen on a cannon at Fort JamesAfter exploring the fort, we scoured the adjacent shoreline for shells and sea glass. The sea glass hunting was rather good. I found a beautiful cobalt hunk and some really large, very old chunks of what I believe to be period glass from the fort. I am no archeologist, but their location and their appearance lead me to believe they are pretty old. Even if they aren't period, they are very cool. I am not sure what I am going to do with all of this sea glass Cohen and I have been collecting, but it is a fun pastime.


After hitting the grocery store for some supplies we headed home to take care of Jenn.