Well, I didn't blog for yesterday as I was down for the count most of the day, still feeling awful and living on vicodin and advil.  I found some peace about 9pm last night on the couch.  Nothing hurt, nothing was upset, I was just the right temperature, ahhh.  I slept there for about an hour before heading to bed.


I woke this morning still feeling bad, but with a marked improvement.  I made it until about noon today before I took anything.  I think the heat of the day combined with the fever is what did it.  The fever is lower though, I'm just at a less tolerant place for feeling badly now.


Another good sign is that I've been feeling hungry today!  Yay!  I've managed a half cup of mac and cheese, half an egg sandwich and half a cup of spaghetti.


I think tomorrow I'll be good for limited activity.  Man, I hope so.  What a terrible time to get a flu!  I am sad that we leave in a week and two days.  I could stay here all summer without hesitation.


My mom is worrying about me being sick.  I had to reply to her today to assure her I'm fine.  I did my research before coming here.  They have a private hospital that is very good (British recommended) and takes our insurance.  Plus we have travel insurance, so we're in good shape.


Managed to get into the pool today.  Floated on an air mattress for an hour or so to cool off.  Felt really good.  Kept me cool and was a relief on my achey joints.  The couch is super soft and our bed is really firm.  There is no happy medium.  The waterbed effect of the float was perfect.


Cohen is enjoying his Fun Camp.  He's been able to stay all day, both days because of my flu.  Yesterday they played some boating games, today they learned some first aid, had some free time to swim and play on the water trampoline.  He was stung by a jelly fish yesterday, but was strong and brave about it.  He was even back in the water playing a while after it happened.  Good for him!  I was proud of him.


Well, I'm hoping this is the last of the vicodin that I need!  I'm going to go take a nap now...first one of the day, another good sign, and see if I can't finish off this stupid flu!  Man, it was a DOOZY!!