Got up at 7am this morning with no alarm.  Got lucky.  Cohen had to be to the Marina at 9am sharp (which is funny to hear, here) for his Sailing Lessons.  I decided it was time to take a stab at driving since the Yacht Club is only half a mile away, it was perfect.  Plus, I need to get comfortable so Liem can keep working in the morning and not have to stop to take Cohen to class.  It was ok.  Driving is an experience here.  You are on the opposite side of the street, dodging potholes, people and cars that decide to just stop in front of you or pull out without looking.  The biggest challenge is hitting the blinker and not the windshield wipers and remembering the gear shift is on the left.  It's really weird but not as bad as I thought.


We came back home, Liem went to work again and I just chilled around the house.  Made myself some breakfast, took a swim, etc.  The power went out for a bit today.  Pretty common occurance here.  What is not common is that this house doesn't have a generator.  We had a moment of panick when we realized the gate to get in and out of the property is electric and the other gate, used by the groundskeeper, is locked with a padlock.  Luckily Liem found an override on the electric gate so you could detach it from the motor from our side and open the gate.  I had already called the Yacht Club to warn them we might be late.  Thanks to Quoc who suggested we get Antiguan Sim cards!!


We picked Cohen up at noon.  He had already made quick friends with several of the boys there.  He had fun stories to tell us about the day.  We had no plans set yet so we came home to have lunch.  Everyone decided they'd just like to hang out around the house and pool today.  It turned out to be a good decision because from about 1pm on, it stormed all day.  There was a huge thunderhead just out over the water.  The thunder was loud.  It was super windy and rain off and on all day.  None of the impressive rain we've had previous mornings where it sounds like you are on a jet, but just a misty sprinkle.  It's still hot out regardless, LOL!


I actually took an afternoon nap today.  I got really sleepy about 3pm.  Crashed on my bed with the doors wide open for about 2 hours.  I sleep so well here.  I love that all the double doors open up and the house is just open to nature.  We have butterflies fly through, but we also have to contend with the stupid mossies.  We've got it timed now for shutting things up before they come out.


When I got up it was time to make dinner.  Liem made a homemade fried rice with eggs and green onion and a seasoning packet.  I chopped some garlic, sliced some limes and onions and made a teriyaki salmon with garlic, lime and onion.  The kids, who proclaimed early on that they "hate salmon" both had multiple helpings.  Of course we also had mango - which I had to run down to buy as we were out.  The Arastafarians who sold it to me threw in 6 free small mangos because I was from Seattle, where Jimmy Hendrix is from.  LOL!  I'll be using that one again.  Finally DIDN'T get the "white man's special". 


Liem got some extra hours of work in today.  That's nice to have banked just in case.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again and our pink is all tan now (except maybe Liem's...he might need to be careful one more day).  Tomorrow I'm sure we'll venture out after Cohen's sailing class.